— berlin sonic places

Photo by Georg Weckwerth

Andres Bosshard. studied musicology and history of art at the University of Zurich. Since 1980 he performs and tours as improvising musician and sound artist throughout Europe, America, Japan, India.
Since 1995 collaboration with architects,  landscape architects, gardeners and city planners.
2002  he directed during 6 month “The Sound Tower” for the national exhibition Expo 02. 2009 he published “Stadt hören, Klangspaziergänge für Zürich” (NZZ libro). He runs several permanent activ sound installations/sonic architectures throughout Germany and Switzerland. (Klangallee Bad Pyrmont, Wasserspuren Hannoversch Münden, Agora Bitterfeld (since 2000).
2003 he was guest professor at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne: Since 2005 he teaches at the Zurich University of the Arts.

Andres Bosshard is part of the following modules of Berlin Sonic Places:
modul II | 14. July 2012