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18. August 2012
Sonic Space Tempelhof
Tempelhof Airfield

Imaginative Future – acoustic potential in the development of major derelict city spaces

Templehof Airport closed in 2008 and is now popular as a vast open park. The future of this unique space is still very much under discussion. A piece of derelict land and a development project of such a dimension can be quite a challenge for city planners but can be as well understood as a gigantic ‘city laboratory’.
How can urban acoustic phenomena be exploited for city planning? Which possibilities of using the topic of ‘aesthetic sustainability’ as argument exists and which role play acoustic and atmospheric parameters here?

Tempelhof sonic spaces will research and explore different ways that sound is created by wind or breath, including wind in trees, kites, sound scultptures, musical instruments and voices. The aim is to make imaginative suggestions as to how wind energised sound might be used to enhance future soundscapes. The presentation of the ideas will be through talks, discussions, performances and in virtual space, through sound mapping by phone apps. [In collaboration with Max Eastley, Tomomi Adachi and Radio Aporee/Udo Noll.]

Soundscape of the future in Berlin
Tempelhof airfield 

Tempeltofu  by Tomomi Adachi
composition for voices, vuvuzelas, bicycles and trombones

Aeolian Phenomena by Max Eastley
Berlin Resonance: Symphony of a Metropolis by Studio Urban Resonance Valeria Merlini Olaf Schäfer
Sonic Glimpses 2022 [fragments of a sonic future – heard via the radio aporee android phone app] by Peter Cusack/Radio Aporee/Udo Noll

Radio Aporee by Udo Noll 
Aeolian Phenomena by Max Eastley
The ephemral city, architecture, space and the senses by Prof. Chris Salter
… by Markus Bader
… by Thomas Kusitzky 

Panel discussion
Peter Cusack Berlin/London [sound artist]
Markus Bader, raumlabor, Berlin [architect, Sofortstadt/IBA 2020]
Chris Salter, Montréal [hexagram, design + computation arts at concordia university in Montréal]
N.N. [grün Berlin]
Thomas Kusitzky Berlin [Auditory Architecture Research Unit, UdK Berlin]
moderation: Shintaro Miyazaki Berlin [media theorist]