— berlin sonic places

30. June 2012
Sonic Place Prenzlauer Berg
Aedes Campus at Pfefferberg
Christinenstraße 18–19 | 10119 Berlin | U2 Senefelder Straße

What does city development sound like? – urban development processes in historic living districts on the example Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Berlin Sonic Places explores the relationship between city development and the city soundscape.
City sounds are omnipresent. They inform us about spaces, events and identity. As individuals they affect us deeply. Paradoxically though sounds are little discussed when new city developments are considered. How does city development change the sound of an area? Can positive soundscapes be created for people during development? If yes, what ideas exist for achieving this?

Research project: At two places –Kollwitzplatz at Prenzlauer Berg and Schendelpark, located slightly further south, in Berlin Mitte Peter Cusack and Sam Auinger together with students of  Sound Studies UdK Berlin have explored acoustic aspects of urban and social change. Both places are characterized by nearly completed gentrification. Attempts to make those changes audible will be shown in artistic works about gaps between buildings around Schendelpark, in soundscape simulations and long term (24h) recording projects that highlight characteristics and atmospheres of a typical day in this quarter.

Acoustic quallity analysis in city districs/strategies of acoustic city planning
Prenzlauer Berg

Presentation of the Projects
Carsten StabenowPeter CusackSam AuingerKlaus HamlescherSonja Heyer

 Soundscape Simulation  Peter Cusack in collaboration with Daisuke Ishida [programming] and Prof. Sam Auinger with students of UDK Sound Studies
 Vierundzwanzig Stunden Schendelpark  Max Baginski, Kyan Bayani, Anna Bogner, Klaus Hamlescher, Guillermo Lares, Martin Lutz
 Lücke am Schendelpark  Conrad Rodenberg
 Lebensräume  Sonja Heyer
 Suche der Stille   Emilia Badalà

Berlin Resonance: Symphony of a Metropolis
Studio Urban Resonance Valeria Merlini / Olaf Schäfer

Lecture (in English)
 Imagine a Tuned Future 
Max Dixon London [»City Sound Planer« Greater London Authority]

Panel discussion (in German)
Sam Auinger Berlin [sound artist]
Peter Cusack Berlin/London [sound artist]
Mathias Heyden Berlin [architect, initiator/curator political/cultural projekts, ass. Prof. TU Berlin]
Guido Brendgens Berlin [speaker for city development, construction, housing and environment of faction die linke at Berlin City Parliament, stipendiary at Raumexperimente by Olafur Eliasson]
Moderation: Trond Maag Oslo/Zurich [city researcher]