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How does gentrification sound like?

In the context of Peter Cusack‘s „Favourite Sounds Project“, Prof. Sam Auinger and his students from the Sound Studies Programme at UdK Berlin are creating projects that deal with the history and the urban changes of two localities in Prenzlauer Berg.
The results are pieces generated at Kollwitzplatz and the southernly Schendelpark which try to confront with historical or distant sound situations or make auditory explorations of habitats of those two places.


Emilia Badalà
Suche der Stille
“Some years ago I asked students of a middle School in Sicily to write about what they feel in the Silence. The 300 Students remained in the Silence for three minutes and then they wrote about their thoughts and feeling and what they heared about in this situation. Then they wrote on paper, so I just had some of these paper and I recordered now a “collage” about this pieces.
I think could be interesting to look how different from the German culture is the meaning of the silence for the people in Sicily.”

A piece for IPod and Headphones.
modul I | 30. June 2012