— berlin sonic places

Max Dixon

When we think of regeneration, its impact and the role of artists within developments, does sound come to mind? Most often sound is considered as nuisance – noise to be eliminated – rather than having a positive, enhancing role within our environment. Max Dixon looks at the importance of sound in cities undergoing regeneration and how artists can have a lasting impact within regeneration schemes by creating a positive role for sound within our urban lives.

Most of us live largely in a learnt unlistening, within the drones of a global megamachine. However, audio culture and the machine are changing, and must change faster with climate change and resource depletion. We are moving from negative noise control to positive soundscape design. Artists can explore potential and demonstrate possibility in ways not open to scientists or bureaucrats. Scope to remodel sonic futures will be reviewed across a broad range from the strategic to the personal, from 1-in-100 year opportunities in transport, to individual self-therapies. We need to continue to play in the park, but re-imagine skies of sound.
modul I | 30. June 2012