— berlin sonic places

(*1974) Architect, Sound Anthropologist. Runs as a freelance architect Studio Urban Resonance founded with Valeria Merlini; crosses the fields of writing, building and sound. He held seminars at the Technical University of Berlin and at the University of Stuttgart on sounding architectural models; he gave lectures at Tuned City, Hörstadt, Sound Studies and Forum Klanglandschaft. 2010 he won the Hörstadt Essay-Competition in Linz, currently he’s working on a PhD thesis on articulations in architecture. He gained a Master Degree in Sound Studies (University of Arts Berlin 2008) specializing in Anthropology of Sound with works on literarily communicated everyday- and city sounds; he graduated as an engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) at the institute of modern architecture (University of Stuttgart 2004), with a theoretical work on Verhörte Architektur; previously an active trumpet player and carpenter.


Olaf Schäfer is part of the following modules of Berlin Sonic Places:
modul I | 30. June 2012
modul II | 14. July 2012
modul III | 18. August 2012