— berlin sonic places

Andres Bosshard

In the years 2005 to 2007 I was commissioned by the government of the city of Zurich to develop a research program which was focussed on the local urban sound qualities and their potentials. I will present concrete proposals and models of a qualitative analysis of the urban sound scape: This project was directly linked to a generous invention of new words for a generative terminology. Astonishingly this poetic approach was very useful in the ongoing translation between the languages of architects, city planners, acousticians, sound artists and urban citizens. I also will present different approaches of visualization of sonic behaviours in urban outdoor spaces and present scores of the code of the sound of Zurich. (see my publication “Stadt hören”).
I will also give insights to the results of the research for the Kanton of Zurich (“Chancen im Lärm” together with Trond Maag) und present shortly two sound art projects:
The “Klanghaus” in the Toggenburg valley in Switzerland, a collaboration with the Architect Marcel Meili and “klangbrunnen” a proposal for a sonic fountain for the forensic station of the psychiatric hospital in Rheinau, Switzerland.

modul II | 14. July 2012