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Interview with Petra Kübert

Interview with Petra Kübert, Rummelsburg, June 25 2012
Peter Cusack, Valeria Merlini

During 2011/12 artists Petra Kübert and Eva Kietzmann work extensively in Berlin’s Rummelsburg area researching its history and speaking to many people connect to the place – present day residents, architects and former inmates of the detention centre there. Their project was exhibited under the title of ‚after the butcher’ from December 2011 to January 2012 (http://www.after-the-butcher.de/35_Kietzmann_Kuebert/de/index.html).

Rummelsburg has totally transformed in the last decade. Today it is a growing residential community beside the Rummelsburg Bucht. Yesterday it was an industrial,  workhouse (1859-1949), NS-workhouse (1933-45) and prison (1951-90) area with its own special, and darker, past.

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